Barbara Franovic-Wilkins

As the ‘face’ of your business, your brand is truly one of your most valuable assets. It’s how customers perceive you and relate to you. My goal is to help it stand out, make sure it ‘speaks’ in a relevant and compelling way, and is flawlessly expressed wherever it appears.

Years at DCM: 11+

When our customers are racing to get their message or their brand experience out into the marketplace, efficiency is mission-critical. And to be efficient, we must have the right expertise and the right resources in place to jump into action the second it’s required. Barb makes sure the entire DCM team is set up seamlessly for success, so we can spend our time focusing on your success.

Having worked for over 20 years in retail, brand, and packaging design management, Barb is intimately familiar with what it takes to get the job done well. She ensures our talent pool is top notch, our processes are fluid, and we’re making thoughtful investments in our capabilities as a business to meet our customers’ needs—today and tomorrow.