Susan Powell

Susan Powell

Director, Commercial Marketing

I wear a lot of hats as a business director. I’m reviewing work from multiple disciplines and managing components that change with every project. But the consistent part of my job is being a navigator; ensuring we’re all heading in the same direction and working toward the same set of objectives.

Years in the industry: 16+

A successful client relationship is the result of having a mutually agreed-upon north star—a high-level goal that all teams understand and have set their sights on. A successful business director knows how to rally their team around this goal and keep them oriented in the right direction. This skill is right in Susan’s wheelhouse.

With over 15 years of account management experience to her name, Susan has developed a deft ability to represent the customer voice in way that inspires and encourages team members to stay true to your needs. As a trusted client advisor, she is constantly thinking about what challenges your business is facing and how DCM can make an impact.