Spencer’s (2BMe)


Rescue an under-performing department by over-delivering with a brand new private label.


The Story

Spencer’s is a major multi-format Indian retailer that takes pride in living up to its positioning of “Makes Fine Living Affordable”. The brand is known across India for offering consumers high quality products and services at reasonable prices in a warm, friendly environment. A client of the Marketing, Strategy & Creative Group for over 15 years, Spencer’s had invested greatly in augmenting its customer experience, but there was one area where it wasn’t living up to the brand promise: personal apparel. The department was underperforming due to category and brand management that was profit-focused rather than driven by consumer needs.

Our job was to establish a sustainable business model for apparel that would dramatically improve the customer experience and provide a consistent revenue stream with better margins. It wasn’t just merchandising and messaging that had to change; we lead the development of a brand new private label for Spencer’s to ensure the department could live up to the brand promise. After many months of strategy, consumer research, business and price modelling, product mix development, branding, retail design, and communications, we had built 2Bme from the ground up.