Hockey consumers aren’t in it for the technology. They’re on a mission to get more ice time. To win them over, you must give them an experience they can see themselves in on the ice.

The Story

A leading manufacturer of hockey skates and equipment, Bauer was an industry expert in high-performance hockey gear. Spending millions of dollars annually in R&D, the company pushed the boundaries of how their technologies changed people’s game on the ice. But when the products made it to market, the retail experience was often uninspired. Bauer engaged the Marketing, Strategy & Creative Group to create their first ever retail store—a flagship that would celebrate the brand and set an example for hockey retailers carrying Bauer products.

Bauer’s consumer experience strategy was founded on one crucial research insight: Consumers weren’t focused on technology, nor was safety their number one priority (that was table-stakes). Their underlying motivation was getting more ice time. Parents wanted their kids to have fun, which means less time on the bench. Players wanted to feel good on the ice and make their team proud.

This store tells me Bauer is very committed to helping me be a better player.

Understanding this key purchase driver, we focused not on building a store, but a hockey experience—where players could envision themselves using Bauer gear during a game. We incorporated a Fit, Learn, Experience protocol into the design of every department, enabling shoppers to match with a sub-brand based on their style of play, learn about the different options available, and try them out firsthand. This experience was customized for each product category based on consumer decision trees, ensuring the most important factors (comfort, flexibility, durability, etc.) were highlighted in each category.

The knowledge I get here is enough value for me to pay full price.

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of people who visited made a purchase
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became more interested in buying Bauer products in the future

Our collaboration with Bauer resulted in an award-winning retail hockey experience like no other. We took a brand that knew how to make products and taught them how to connect with consumers, creating an environment that enabled people to envision themselves on the ice with Bauer gear upping their game.


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