When people need storage, they need more than just boxes; show consumers you understand them through a retail experience that has it all.

The Story

If an item is worth storing, it’s worth something to someone—not just financially, but often emotionally, too. The Dymon team’s appreciation for this had led them to create a best-in-class storage experience that surpassed people’s expectations and gave them the utmost peace of mind about the safety of their precious belongings. Retail, however, was a new undertaking for Dymon, which is why they engaged the Marketing, Strategy & Creative Group to bring their new front-of-house store to life.

The strategy behind our retail environment started with a foundational understanding of what causes people to rent storage facilities: life changes. Some happy, some sad, almost all stressful and full of uncertainty. Knowing this, we created an experience that took cues from the world’s best retailers to answer people’s questions and encourage purchase decisions. From demo units and product showcases, to educational signage and dedicated consultation areas, we created a space that elevated the perception of the offering, ensuring consumers would feel confident bringing Dymon products into their next phase of life.