Win people’s hearts by celebrating strong community ties, while also ensuring a consistent brand expression across the network.

The Story

In the east coast of Canada, Irving Oil gas stations are more than just a place to fill up; they’re a “third place” in people’s lives. They’re community hubs featuring the friendly Big Stop restaurant, known for high-quality homestyle food. A place where friends and family gather and where weary travellers stop in for a welcome respite. While the Irving family was proud of the Big Stop brand, they were also incredibly proud of their connection to their local communities—and tasked us with a design refresh that would capture this duality.

Our strategy led us to a carefully considered design system that was both disciplined and flexible, allowing Irving Oil to reinforce the master brand and ensure consistency across all locations, while also demonstrating local relevance. Each Big Stop had its own sub-brand name and we designed an identity to reflect the story behind it. This story continued throughout the environment with a bold exterior installation, interior design, atmospheric imagery, and romance copy. Institutional signage was kept consistent, as were certain brand colours and design features. Ultimately resulting in an environment that felt as unique as it felt familiar.