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Consumers are loyal to experiences whose brand promise they understand and can trust to remain true. For a multi-brand strategy to work, consistency is key.

The Story

Food is ingrained in the fabric of what keeps us together as families and communities. Being the brand people choose to bring into their homes and feed their families is an exceptional privilege, one fundamentally based on trust. For Loblaw Companies Limited, an unbelievably complex nationwide organization that had to ensure safety and quality at every step, trust was table-stakes.

While its presence across the country via multiple store brands allowed it to serve the needs of all Canadians, it also created room for inconsistency—a dangerous proposition when your brand relies on consumer trust. The purpose of our brand strategy work for Loblaw was to provide differentiated parameters for each store brand, and to ensure the brand promise was clear, consistent, and compelling throughout the experience.

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Thanks to the deeply ingrained nature of our relationship with Loblaw, we had a strong understanding of what each store brand stood for and how it laddered up to the master brand. We developed a brand architecture and strategy that clarified the essence of each brand, and gave concrete guardrails for how it came to life—from product assortment and pricing to merchandising and marketing. We brought the strategy to life in store (every store), designing all aspects of the retail environment and consumer journey, including thousands of branded touchpoints along the way.

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As a primary agency of record for over 20 years, our relationship with Loblaw was extensive and enduring. We are proud to have guided this family of brands across the country and into the homes of Canadians.



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Believe in the idea that design without strategy will lead you nowhere.

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Believe in the idea that if you don’t know who your brand is speaking to—or why they should care—your message will be lost.

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