Create a best-in-class grocery experience that enables food-savvy consumers to eat meals at home that taste like they came from a world-class restaurant.


The Story

Celebrity chef Mark McEwan appreciated how much his customers loved the food at his restaurants—and he knew that most of them don’t have the time or inclination to cook that way at home. This core understanding is what drove our strategy for his brand new retail environment: Enable shoppers to enjoy at home the same gourmet meal they would if Mark were in their kitchen.

Drawing from a brand essence defined as tantalizing, and conducting extensive consumer research, we developed a “restaurant meal replacement” concept—the heart of Mark’s offering and his key differentiator. Capitalizing on his status and Food Network fame, we chose the name “McEwan”. And throughout the store, we made his food the unquestionable hero, through features ranging from awe-inspiring photographic wayfinding signage, to personal quotes from him reinforcing his presence throughout the business. Now with three locations in Toronto, McEwan has carved out a reputation as the ultimate food destination for those who appreciate the very best restaurant cuisine—and the option to eat it at home.