A consistent story is a powerful story. Synchronize the retail and marketing expression to celebrate what the brand embodies: the love of coffee.

The Story

Second Cup was a true master of the craftsmanship of coffee. From procurement, to roasting, to brewing, every step of the process was carefully constructed to deliver only the best results. But despite the company’s passion, care, and commitment to quality, the brand wasn’t getting credit for it. Coffee sales were on the decline, cafés weren’t driving enough traffic, and the market was becoming increasingly competitive.

Upon embarking on a multi-channel challenge to revitalize the brand’s presence, we had to first determine why someone would choose Second Cup over the competition. Our research led us to a primary unifying trait among our target consumers: a genuine love of coffee. This became the strategic underpinning of every brand expression. A “bean to cup” mural in store; the “second sip guarantee”; a coffee passport promotion that encouraged exploration of different blends; and a packaging redesign featuring cleverly arranged coffee bean images that represented flavour profiles and places of origin. The result was a powerful and comprehensive brand story that held true at every touchpoint.