Carve out a differentiated position in one of the world’s most competitive grocery markets by giving the emerging middle class a world-class shopping experience that matches their aspirations.

The Story

While Spencer’s had a long history and extensive network in India—200 stores across 35 cities—the company was starting to lose its footing among customers who wanted more from their grocery experience. Greater affluence and a more sophisticated lifestyle were creating a more demanding consumer, and Spencer’s needed to find the differentiators that would engage this emerging market.

Through our Indian office in Bangalore, the Marketing, Strategy & Creative Group helped Spencer’s refocus its value proposition and reduce its five somewhat fragmented banners to three clear, customer-centric sub-brands: Spencer’s Express, a quick-shop store; the full-service, expanded-offering Spencer’s Supermarket; and the one-stop, food-to-fashion Spencer’s Hypermarket. Building on a “Taste the World” tagline, we elevated the in-store experience to one where shoppers could explore global cuisine as easily and enjoyably as they could shop for home goods and electronics. Our new premium brand, Smart Choice, further reinforced Spencer’s position as the trusted, leading grocery retailer in India. The result was a 300% increase in sales per square foot, proving that in a changing India, Spencer’s was right on-target.