Boost WE Charity’s ability to drive positive change around the world by using the principles of retail and design strategy to amplify their voice.

The Story

The impacts of WE Charity are felt far and wide. Internationally, it lifts communities in the developing world out of poverty through sustainable and lasting change. In Canada, the US, and the UK, it empowers today’s youth to seek out and embrace opportunities to do good. Our opportunity to do good came to life via an in-kind donation focusing on two components of the WE brand mission: the ME to WE retail operation that funds WE Charity and gives it greater financial independence while supporting third-world farmers and artisans; and the WE Global Learning Centre in Toronto—an educational destination for young people who want to make the world a better place.

The Marketing, Strategy & Creative Group collaborated with WE like we would with any client, first doing extensive background research to understand their business, their challenges, and their audience. Applying our expertise to this foundation, we developed a retail and channel strategy to clarify the WE brand and ensure they had a strong product mix that resonated with target consumers and would keep shoppers coming back. This thinking also informed our design updates for the WE Global Learning Centre, where we brought retail programs to life and amplified the brand’s message throughout the space. We are incredibly proud to have made an impact on this impressive Canadian organization.